Information on US Government Grants

US government grants are not awarded on a whim; in fact the process of applying for a grant is usually followed by a lengthy period of consideration. Because the Federal Government has to be careful how they spend the grant money, refusals are far more common than approvals.  If a person is interested in applying for one of the US government grants they can find a comprehensive list of what is available in the Catalogue of Federal Assistance. The grants, which are listed here, are available to local and state governments, US processions and territories,nonprofit and profit organisations and individuals.

There is a grant to fit almost any need, however there are a select few grants that appear to be the most popular. A project grant is when funding is awarded for specific projects. This can include scholarships, research grants, technical assistance grants and training grants. The Direct payments for a particular use are generally offered to private institutions and firms to subsidize a particular activity.  A direct payments for specified use grant is usually paid to individuals who satisfy strict federal requirements. These grants are provided with regulations to how the money is spent, although they are most commonly used to fund pension investments and compensation programs.

A Direct Loans grant is, as it suggests, a loan that is made to an individual or organisation with the expectation that it is paid back. Of all the US government grants available this is the one most commonly applied for by individuals. There are strict eligibility criteria, and while a person may qualify for a grant of this nature, they may not always receive the loan amount requested. It is also common for interest to be calculated, particularly if the grant is awarded to a business or organisation. Before applying for US government grants it is recommended you seek advice from the appropriate agency. A poorly filled out application can count against you, as will not providing adequate proof of need or the correct references. Seeking advice will ensure you approach the application fully informed on how to go forward.

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