Where to Find Used Car Lease Deals in the UK

When thinking about used car lease deals in the UK, new cars often come to mind. But the UK has a significant market for used car leasing, which can represent a cheaper overall cost for the consumer.

When examining your options with a used car lease, the end of the deal -- and UK residual values at that time -- are critical to consider. If there is still significant value available on the car at the end of the lease, you will be able to achieve a better deal on pricing during the term of the lease. If, however, you intend to purchase the car at the end of the lease period, you may prefer the residual value to be lower.

Almost any car that can be leased as a new vehicle can be leased as a used vehicle. Many car dealerships across the UK offer leasing of used cars, and there are specialist agencies that focus solely on leasing.

According to a leading leasing agent, in 2010 the top 10 used car lease deals most common in the UK include Audi (appearing three times in the list), BMW (appearing twice), Jaguar and Land Rover. The fact that these higher-end brands appear most frequently is not unexpected. One of the benefits of a lease agreement is that it allows the customer to drive a more expensive vehicle than she may otherwise have been able to afford -- for example, CarLeasingUK offers used Mercedes and Audi models for less than £300 per month, a significant savings over both a new car lease and the financed purchase price.

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