Using a UK car insurance calculator to save

Pricing the cheapest Car Insurance quote possible can be a pain, so more and more people are letting Insurance Comparison sites do the heavy lifting for them, but how do these wonderful sites work? Well, they use a UK car insurance calculator to deliver you the cheapest quote possible, that's how.

Car Insurance calculators are different from other types of calculators in that they resemble a form more than anything else. They work by you inputting some very basic details about yourself, such as where you live, your age, make of car, how old it is and how many miles. Using this information, it creates a Car Insurance quote that suits your needs from various companies, letting you compare them to see which suits you best.

These quotes will often include special offers, and can be tailored further once you get them, so it just gives you a rough idea of what's out there really! They are extremely effective, with one survey putting the savings for your average customer at around 30%. So it's well worth investigating!

We're a big fan of the insurance comparison sites that use these calculators, and we have no hesitation recommending Compare the Market, which you can find online at http://www.comparethemarket.com/ . This site is a one stop insurance shop, and you can get quotes for just about every type of insurance here.

Their Car Insurance section is particularly comprehensive though, so if you're beginning to look for quotes, then they are well worth investigating.

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