Using Halifax online banking: some hints and tips

Halifax has recently closed many of its smaller branches. However, it is still a good place to bank, as it offers comprehensive on line banking.

Which Halifax Accounts Can You Have Online?

Almost all Halifax accounts can be used online. This includes current and savings accounts, and also the Halifax cash ISA. Halifax accounts have some good offers in the present economic climate, such as their Web Saver Reward account which offers 2.80% interest APR, and their Reward Current Account, which gives you £5 a month so long as you pay in £1000.

What Can You do With Halifax Internet Accounts

You can do practically all your banking online. It is possible to transfer money between accounts, and also set up standing orders and direct debits, and pay bills. You can also pay individuals through the BACS system, and people can pay you. The website is very user friendly, and it is quite easy to learn how to do all these things. The Halifax home page also tells you about any new financial products or accounts which are developed, which is useful if you rarely visit a Halifax branch.

What Can't You do With Halifax Online banking?

There are just a few things which can't be done on line with your Halifax accounts. It is not possible to order a cheque book, and this will need to be done in a branch or over the phone. You also cannot pay in money, and again, this must be done in a branch, or cheques can now be paid in at the post office if you get a Halifax paying in book and special envelopes in advance. And you cannot close a Halifax account on line - though you can leave it with just a penny in it!

Why not have a look at Halifax on line accounts yourself.

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