Who are USwitch car insurance?

Uswitch is a free and unbiased online comparison and switch service. You can also take advantage of Uswitch's services over the telephone with the help of their trained customer advisors. Uswitch car insurance involves looking through all the insurance agents to see who has the best deal to suit your insurance needs. All you need to do is fill out a simple online form, including personal details as well as some minor details about the car you wish to insure and Uswitch do the rest. If you already have a car insurance deal in place, Uswitch will help you move from provider to another without any cost to you.

Uswitch hire customer service agents and advisors to watch the insurance markets continually. This helps ensure Uswitch car insurance is the most competitively priced for their customers. If you are wondering how Uswitch make their money, it is not through any charges to their customers. If you choose to switch to a provider who has a deal with Uswitch, then Uswitch will receive a small commission from the provider for encouraging you to change to that company. Uswitch has a relationship with suppliers based all over the UK and in a number of industries this means Uswitch can offer their customers exclusive deals they would not get anywhere else.

The relationships Uswitch have with different providers does not affect how they run their business. If a provider who does not pay Uswitch a commission is the one with the best deal at the time, Uswitch will work in favour of their customer and still recommend that provider. It is worth noting that the businesses who do pay Uswitch a commission are what enable this invaluable service to continue being free to the millions of people who use it.

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