Vaillant Boiler Cover Service Packages

Vaillant boiler cover is a specialised form of insurance for anyone with a Valliant boiler or heating system. Other insurers will still cover you if you have a Vaillant boiler, but they won't possess the same level of expertise as a Vaillant representative. 95% of boiler issues are fixed on the first visit with Vaillant boiler cover and, if you don't have any form of insurance for a Vaillant boiler, you'd have to pay a substantial amount out for your pocket for repairs.

The average cost for repairing a Vaillant boiler - not including labour costs - are:

  • Replacement Pump (£120)
  • Replacement automatic air vent (£85)
  • Replacement contorl panel (£220)
  • Replacement heat exchanger (£350)
  • Replacement flow switch (£85)
  • Replacement burner (£150)
  • Replacement expansion vessel (£135)

It's also likely that other insurers won't be familiar with Vaillant boilers and could charge for extensive repairs that aren't needed, or fail to fix the problem correctly at all.

Levels of Cover

Vaillant boiler cover comes in three different service packages: 1 star, 3 star cover an 5 star cover. 1 star cover only covers the Vaillant boiler, but 3 star cover insures the boiler itself and controls, and also offers an annual service. 5 star cover also offers an annual service but covers the boiler and the entire heating system. On average the 1 star cover costs £107.88 per year, the 3 star cover comes to £179.88 per year and the 5 star cover costs £197.88 per year.


The benefits of Vaillant boiler cover include 24 hour assistance services, gas safety Vaillant engineers, cover for call outs, parts and labour and 12-point annual service with 3 and 5 star covers. Engineers are available year round, excluding Christmas Day.

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