Cash in on the increased value of rose gold

It's a common misconception that the value of rose gold is lower than that of white or yellow gold. In truth the difference is minimal, if we disregard the aesthetic elements of an item of jewellery, and concentrate on the gold content.

Rose gold is an alloy with a substantial (often around 25%) copper presence, giving it that distinctive and highly attractive pink or sunset tinge that makes it popular for rings and other jewellery items. For many years it was known as Russian gold due to its popularity in Eastern Europe, and also as pink gold.

The rose colour is of minor significance when it comes to determining value. Unless cast in ingots, virtually all gold comes in alloy form of some sort. Dealers interested in the raw weight of the gold are not substantially affected by the alloy. Even with white gold, the presence of valuable elements of silver and platinum is normally negligible enough not to have any bearing on the price.

The numerous online sites that buy gold, like Cash4Gold.com, PostGoldForCash.com, GoldPriceCompare.co.uk and Cash4MyGold.co.uk are usually interested in the scrap value determined by the net weight of the gold, so the carat designation will be the only important issue when deciding a price.

The  value of rose gold at a specialist jeweller's, a collectors' antique shop, or even on ebay (ebay.co.uk) may be different. The buyers at hatton-garden.net are a useful starting point for sellers looking to find the best prices. In some cases the rarity and beauty of some rose gold pieces may attract premium prices, especially for antiques or for unusual items.


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