What’s included in van insurance?

It may come as a surprise to some motorists that van insurance is different in many ways to car insurance. The main reason is that vans tend to be used for business purposes and as a result can clock up a lot more mileage than the average commuter’s car.

And unlike cars, commercial vans are often a mobile storage area for contractors’ tools and equipment, so these items must be taken into account when calculating the cover.

Churchill van insurance includes 24 hour accident recovery, cover for personal belongings kept in the vehicle and a five year guarantee for repairs if an approved repairer is used. It also offers up to 65 per cent no claims discount and new for old cover on vans which are less than a year old. The policy provides windscreen replacement or repair and unlimited cover for audio gear, satnavs and installed car phones. Personal accident protection is included both for the insurance policy holder and his or her partner, together with provision for post-accident medical expenses, while legal assistance is an optional extra.

Aviva's insurance for vans comes in a choice of fully comprehensive or third party, fire and theft. There is a three year guarantee on any vehicle repairs by the insurer’s approved repairers, and a replacement van is on hand while repairs are being carried out. Drivers can qualify for up to 70 per cent no claims discount, and can get 10 per cent off their premium if they buy a policy from the insurer’s website. Another discount offered by Aviva is the multicar policy, which can save motorists up to a third off the policy price when insuring more than one vehicle. Terms and conditions vary depending on whether you are a private or commercial van owner.


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