The pick of van insurance companies in the UK

Looking to get on the road with a van and wondering where to find the best value in van insurance? We have taken a gander around the van and commercial vehicle insurance market and found a brilliant policy from one of the best van insurance companies in the UK, so let's have a look.

Anybody looking for great value on their van insurance should check out what's on offer from Churchill at churchill.com. Churchill is one of the UK's largest independent insurers, and they aren't a broker, so the premium you take out with them is the one you are getting directly from them, often with offers built in for visiting their website directly.

Their van insurance package is highly competitive. For starters, they'll lavish up to 65% No Claims Discount on you. If you have over four years' No Claims, then you will have the option to protect it if you want to. You'll also have access to a 24-hour accident recovery helpline, and any repairs they carry out for you will be guaranteed for five years.

They will cover any size of van right up to 2500 CC models, and there's the option to take out an instant start cover policy. You can spread your premium payments monthly if this suits you too. So it's an all round great offer. Anyone taking out a policy with Churchill qualifies for discounted Breakdown Insurance too, and getting a quote is as simple as visiting their site. So, check them out online today for a brilliant value quote!

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