Where can you get the best van insurance?

If you're a tradesman and you're looking for an insurance policy to cover your van then we're here to get you on the right track with a few tips to get van insurance for a nice price. It's very much a competitive marketplace out there right now, so finding a deal shouldn't be too hard.

Direct Line are currently offering a fantastic deal on their van insurance policies at - http://www.directline.com/van/welcome.htm. On this page you can see that Direct Line are currently offering 12 months cover for the price of ten as an introductory offer. They also offer a range of perks for drivers including replacement van hire for up to 21 days following an accident, up to £500 worth of cover for tools as standard (Comprehensive cover required), an extra discount on every vehicle you insure, and Vandalism cover that preserves your no claims discount.

They also offer Tradesman Insurance too to help complete your package.

Our next insurer we want you to consider is Aviva at http://www.aviva.co.uk/van-insurance/. Aviva are currently offering a 10% discount if you buy online, and a three year guarantee on any repairs they carry out on your van. There is also a replacement van available to you should your van go in for repairs.

There is also a 10% discount for customers who buy the insurance directly from Aviva without going through a price comparison website, so it pays to go direct! Check their website out today!

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