Vanquis Credit Card for Credit Building

The Vanquis credit card is a specialised product for credit building purposes; it's ideal for anyone who doesn't have a credit history or who has a history of poor credit. This doesn't mean that anyone with an adverse credit rating will apply, such as people with CCJs or bankruptcy, but it does mean that anyone who is generally rejected elsewhere because their score isn't perfect has the chance to rebuild their profile with an easy to manage card.

The card is designed to be simple and easy to manage, so anyone who has previously never used a credit card will have no trouble managing their money and shouldn't get into debt. Vanquis credit card and other Vanquis products are part of the Provident group, which has specialised in helping people with bad credit for over 130 years. As well as providing an easy to use credit card, Vanquis also dedicates UK-based only call centres for customer support and promises to provide a reliable, factual service to help customers keep track of their money.


Features of the Vanquis Credit Card

The main features of the credit card are:

  • An easy to manage balance, starting off at anything from £150 to £1000 for new customers.
  • Balance increases up to £3000 for customers who prove they can make timely repayments and manage their money sensibly.
  • Online and easy SMS account management.
  • UK-based call centres so customers can have their queries dealt with more effectively.
  • An easy way to build a credit history or repair your history if you make timely repayments and stay within your spending limit.


However, since the card is for people with no credit history or bad credit, the APR is higher than usual at 39.9%. If you've been rejected elsewhere you should still try to obtain a Vanquis credit card and at least build your credit rating, but stay well within your balance and try not to spend more than your monthly budget can reasonably afford.

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