Getting Very Cheap Car Insurance In London

Traveling through London without a car can be difficult. However, owning a car comes with considerable risks and expenses. Some risks include damage to your car from theft and vandalism. High expenses can be incurred due to repair costs. This is one reason why obtaining car insurance is necessary to reduce a car owners overall liability. Consumers can obtain very cheap car insurance from a variety of insurance companies in London.

London Car Insurance

London drivers pay some of the highest premiums throughout the United Kingdom. The cost of insuring depends on the area. Drivers living in London may pay £500 up to £700 a year. Drivers living close to Oxford Street know that the average premium is more than £260. If you don't want to overpay for car insurance and are searching for very cheap car insurance, consumers can compare insurance quotes. It is easy and convenient to do that using the Internet.

Lloyds TSB

This company provides its customers with very cheap car insurance. This company is distinguished by not offering claims discounts. A driver is rewarded if he drives carefully. Customers receive a 3 year guarantee on approved repairs. Customers receive 24 hour support daily for emergency assistance. If you travel to London from a European country and seek to hire a car for at least 60 days, you will not have to pay any extra cost. Lloyds TSB also provides its customers with a special courtesy car service. This allows consumers to continue driving even when their vehicle is being repaired.


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