We take a look at very cheap holiday insurance with Direct Travel

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Planning a holiday sometime? Don't go anywhere without your travel insurance! Accidents do happen and if you're caught without adequate insurance, it could cost you thousands of pounds. We suggest you check out Direct Travel to find some very cheap holiday insurance for your travels.

Direct Travel offer 4 different policies, each tailored to suit the different needs of individuals. Cover is available from a little over £2. You can choose from the following policies:

  • Single trip insurance - Starting at £2.06, this policy is designed for those taking a short break or a holiday up to 30 days. Kids can go free under the family plan single trip insurance
  • Annual travel insurance - Starting at £14.95 this is a great policy if you take several holidays each year. You can take as many trips as you like and you even get 17 days ski cover included
  • Ski insurance - Includes skiing and snowboarding cover in the event of an accident. You can get a ski policy from just £5.18 per journey
  • Backpackers insurance - Anyone under 36 years of age who plans on travelling the world should avail of backpackers insurance. Cover is available from 3 months to 18 months and starts at just £23.

To get your own personal quote for very cheap travel insurance, simply give them a call on 0845 605 2700 or visit their website at direct-travel.co.uk.

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