Vicars to up charges for church weddings

Getting married can be a costly affair, and if you want to get hitched in a church then charges often tend towards the £1,000 mark.

But new rules are set to stop cunning clergy from setting their own fees. The problem with this is that the basic cost of tying the knot in a church is rocket in accordance.

Under the proposed changes, fees for weddings and funerals will increase by 50 percent. A couple with their loving hearts all set on a church wedding will have to pay £425 to do so, which will rise to £462.50 if tyou include the marriage certificate and reading the banns in advance.

The idea is a sound one – that getting married in a church costs the same everywhere - but many punters look like losing out, on what already is one of the most costly occasions out.

William Fittall, secretary general of the General Synod, said: "For the privilege of being married in your parish church, you will know the fee will be the same everywhere.

'We have got 16,000 church buildings and 13,000 parishes, we don't have comprehensive information but there is enough evidence to show that some churches charge very, very substantially. Overall, we don't believe that the average wedding, or indeed the average funeral, is likely to cost significantly differently,' said William Fittall, general secretary of the General Synod to the Daily Mail.

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