Looking for vintage car insurance? Look no further!

Are you the proud owner of a classic or vintage car? Just as you would take time to search for the right spare part, it’s well worth looking for a specialist provider that offers vintage car insurance.

You may even be eligible for cheaper cover – because many classic cars tend to be driven less frequently than their modern counterparts, you can apply for a limited mileage premium.

Classic car insurance specialist Heritage offers a free valuation service and certificate. This is really useful as, once you have your vehicle’s value agreed and guaranteed, it will ensure you receive the true value of the car if it is written off.

Heritage also provides unlimited UK club track day cover, along with protection for unlimited European trips up to 90 days per journey. In addition, there are discounts for membership of car clubs and for limited mileage.

Another plus point is that the car owner can choose a repairer if an accident occurs. If total loss should occur, drivers can also choose to keep the wreckage.

Footman James Classic Car Insurance also offers special rates for car club members. Its standard vintage car insurance policy includes European and UK breakdown cover, along with protection for unlimited EU journeys, up to 35 days a trip.

Legal expenses and cover for personal injury due to carjacking or road rage are part of the package, while agreed value applies to selected vehicles.

A multi vehicle option is available, enabling the owner to take out a single insurance policy for both modern and classic cars, with a minimum of three cars as long as the majority are vintage models.

Footman James offers lower policy premiums for limited mileage, with 1,500, 3,000, 4,500 and 6,000 mile options. Cars above 30 years old qualify for unlimited mileage.

A great optional feature is laid up insurance which applies while your classic car, accessories or spare parts are locked in a garage. It also protected if temporarily out of the garage for exhibiting or repair purposes in the UK.


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