Vintage insurance in Ireland

When it comes to obtaining vintage car insurance in Ireland it can be a little difficult. For one thing you just can't get a quote online. This can be annoying if you wanted to get a rough idea of what you will end up paying.

So why can't you get an instant quote? Well, the reason is simple. They do not list the cars in the same way as they do with newer vehicles. There are lots of other factors that need to be taken into account before you can get a quote so any company offering vintage online requires that you call to find out pricing.

'First Ireland' is one of the best classic car insurance companies in Ireland so hit up their website to find out more information and contact details to get your quote. As long as your car is over 20 years old it can be classed as a vintage machine. Vintage insurance costs so much less so if you qualify you should definitely take advantage of what's on offer.

With First Ireland you can expect driving other cars included in the policy, up to 50% no claims bonus, introductory discounts and free cover for driving in the EU! Not bad right?

First Ireland even have a classic cars club with even more benefits so if you are a classic car enthusiast then it might be worth your while checking out what's on offer.

As far as vintage car insurance in Ireland goes, there is only one name you need and that's First Ireland. They have everything you need to get set up with the best possible policy - check them out and see for yourself.

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