Get Virgin Holiday Insurance for your trip today

It seems to be the case that people have no problem spending enormous chunks of their savings on the holiday of their dreams, thousands of miles away, yet they baulk at the thought of paying for holiday insurance. While this seems a little silly in the cold hard light of day, it's perhaps understandable given the premiums that some companies charge. Virgin Holiday Insurance is different however, and could end up saving the holiday of your dreams from being a complete disaster should the unexpected happen.

Virgin offer quite a wide range of holiday insurance packages, with something there to cover just about every eventuality. As with most companies, the nature of the holiday and the ages of those going will play a big part in the cost of your premium, but they have tailored their packages to suit everyone.

The types of coverage available under the Virgin Holiday Insurance schemes include single trip travel insurance, cover for anyone over 65, annual insurance for those of you who like to get away more than once (though we'd be surprised if there are many of you left these days!), special coverage for backpackers who plan on trekking across the continents, coverage for a wide range of adventure sports (with over 40 covered including some really extreme ones like bungee jumping and mountain biking). As an additional bonus for families, kids are eligible to obtain free coverage once they are listed on the policy, with a maximum of three under 18s allowed per adult named.

If you're looking to secure peace of mind ahead of this holiday season, then get yourself over to http://uk.virginmoney.com/virgin/travel-insurance or call 0844 888 3900 for a free quote.

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