Win Win Fundraising with Virgin Money Giving

When you think of donating money to worthy causes then Virgin may not be at the top of your list to hand your well intentioned donation over to. Virgin Money Giving, the not for profit arm of the Virgin empire, can help you increase your fundraising power to raise more money for worthy causes.

Low Cost Fundraising through Virgin Money Giving

There are many benefits to using Virgin Money Giving as a means of fundraising. The main benefit is that more money than usual goes to the intended cause due to Virgin's low fees. This ensures that those benefitting from donations will receive more money once the fundraising process is complete.

The Virgin Money Giving website is intuitive to use and it is very easy to set up a fundraising event through the site. The charges that a fundraiser incurs are the bare minimum as Virgin just charge enough to cover their running costs. The charges are extremely transparent too. For example, a £20 donation will incur a 2% transaction fee, a credit/ debit card processing fee of 1.45% or a 1.6% PayPal processing fee. So just between 70p and 75p is the cost incurred on a £20 donation. This is lower than both BMyCharity and JustGiving.

Donating money through Virgin Money Giving also qualifies a tax payer to reclaim gift aid on all donations. If, for example, a tax paying employee donates £20 to a worthy cause, they would effect be donating £25 once their gift aid is reclaimed and all charges are deducted. Virgin take care of these claims and they are 100% passed on as donated funds. Then, after all fees are subtracted, a £20 donation actually becomes £24.30.

Extra Benefits

Virgin Money Giving also provide a great platform for promoting your cause through various features such as blog, Twitter and YouTube integration. This way you can promote your cause a lot more and attract more donations. You also get help as you need it from the Virgin Money Giving team on top of useful features like a comprehensive history of your fundraising activities and text alerts for when donations are made.

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