Types of Virgin travel insurance

Picture this. You take an excursion to Southeast Asia and have a blast partying in Thailand, hiking in Laos and sipping tea in Cambodia. Just as you end your trip and are ready to fly out of Bangkok and back the UK you realise that your passport is missing! What do you do know?

This is why purchasing travel insurance is a good idea.

Virgin travel insurance is one good place to go to, regardless of whether you want all inclusive comprehensive coverage of just the most basic of coverage. Prices for Virgin travel insurance compete with other travel insurance leaders as well.

Take a look at an analysis of the various travel insurance packages at Virgin.

Single Trip Insurance: This package is for single trips between 3 and 365 days. It covers injuries incurred while playing adventure sports. Medical expenses are covered as well as expenses for traveling home if you have to travel back to the UK due to sickness or physical injury.

Annual Trip Insurance: Best suiting those who take multiple vacations a year, this annual trip insurance is similar in terms to the single trip insurance. However, there is more flexibility in that it covers every single vacation you take over the course of a year. Even weekend breaks are included.

Winter-Sports Insurance: Skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and a variety of other winter sports are covered in this plan. This coverage includes medical expenses, repatriation expenses and personal liability expenses. If you often go on skiing trips, this is a good travel insurance to purchase.

Over 65s Insurance: As the name suggests, this insurance is for older people. The insurance allows grandchildren to be on it for free. Coverage is similar to the single trip insurance.

Backpacker Insurance: This worldwide travel insurance covers trips from one to 18 months long. Buyers of this insurance have access to a 24-hour travel advice hotline, emergency hotline and discounts at certain hotels and hostels that have deals with Virgin.

Virgin will cover up to the full amount of damages or up to £10 million for anything it says is covered.

For every Virgin travel insurance package, you can pay an additional fee to cover things like baggage and money, cover for business equipment and money, golf equipment insurance and winter sports insurance if not included.

The price of travel insurance varies wildly on a number of different factors, such as travel destination and length of travel. Call 0844 888 3900 to talk with a customer service representative or visit Virgin's website to get a free Virgin travel insurance quote. keep in mind that Virgin members will be eligible for more discounts. (uk.virginmoney.com/virgin/travel-insurance)

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