Using your Visa card in Ireland

These days your plastic is just as important as your paper. With the huge increase in popularity and safety of online shopping, it's no wonder than more people than ever are jumping on the credit card boat and getting themselves brand new Visas to use online or in the high street.

Despite the fact that many people were initially wary about the safety of online shopping, it has been proven time and again that it is every bit as safe as physically using your card in store. The boom in the online retail market has meant that consumers now have it better than every when it comes to choice. Items can be bought from anywhere in the world, often for prices far lower than you can find in traditional stores.

It's not just for financial savings though, having a Visa card is now an essential part of booking flights, concert tickets or even movie tickets. Ordering in advance using your credit card can save you huge amounts of time, negating the previous necessity to stand in line for long periods.

This, in turn, has allowed companies to drop costs since it is far more cost effective to have automated online systems look after their customers than it is to have paid employees.

Take Ryanair as a prime example. The low fares airline has done everything in its power to reduce overheads in the last decade, including making it compulsory to print out your own boarding pass in advance of flying, with the risk of incurring a €40 charge at the check in gate if you forgot, or lost yours.

While it might not be the most customer friendly approach, it certainly points at the importance of having a Visa card in Ireland today.

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