Voucher safe

Everyone loves saving a few pennies here and there, and with websites like Groupon.com and others you can.

Research by Myvouchercodes.com – a company that makes mobile phone apps – claims many of us have a thirst for a bargain, as well as a deep seated aversion to paying the full price on items.

Their boffins found that that 76% of Britons begrudge paying full price at a restaurant as many offer deals and discounts. And 69% wouldn’t pay the top price for a holiday.

Now one in seven Brits user coupons to clock up discounts of more than £100 a month. Moneysupermarket launched its own voucher channel 12 months ago. It’s voucher expert Sian Harrison, said: And one in seven canny coupon users now clock up discounts worth more than £100 a month.

Moneysupermarket, which launched its own voucher channel 12 months ago, does not expect to see voucher usage slow even if people start to feel richer as the economy improves.

Sian Harrison, moneysupermarket's voucher expert, said: ‘Since our launch a year ago, discount-hungry consumers have downloaded over 1 million offers from the site and our love affair with vouchers shows no sign of abating.’

‘With hundreds of new offers going live every week, canny consumers are set to reap record savings.’

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