Wall Street 2015 Expectations

The Wall Street 2015 expectations for stocks and shares varies depending on which analyst is giving the information but Wall Street is expecting the following for the Standard & Poor's 500.
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S&P 500

Most analysts believe that the S&P 500 stock index will rise by 10% this year. A lack of attractive alternatives is given as the reason for this expected increase as US equities remain the place to be for 2015. Analysts from various financial institutions have given their rating on the market, a selection of which follow.

  • Barclays' Jonathan Glionna: 2,100
  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch's Savita Subramanian: 2,200
  • Citi's Tobias Levkovich: 2,200
  • Credit Suisse's Andrew Garthwaite: 2,100
  • Deutsche Bank's David Bianco: 2,150
  • Goldman Sachs' David Kostin: 2,100
  • Oppenheimer's John Stoltzfus: 2,311
  • UBS's Julian Emanuel: 2,225


Everyone is expecting Apple to have a great year. A record breaking $67 billion first quarter is expected, and analysts believe that’s just the start for the American IT firm. The last time analysts were as poised to invest in the firm was the final quarter of 2013 when Apple sold 51 million iPhones and earned $57.6 billion in revenue. So far that remains the firm’s record quarter. Mac is expected to grow 10% over the year, although only 22.5 million iPads are expected to shift this year which will represent a 14% loss.


Pfizer’s forecast for this year is disappointing. The US’s largest drug making firm has been hit by patent expirations and a stronger dollar so they’re actually forecasting lower earnings for the year than Wall Street expectations suggest. They earned $1.23 billion in the final quarter of 2014 (19% share) but a year before they were taking $2.57 billion and a 39% share.

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