Want a job at Tesco?

Our desperation to have and to cling onto any job going has not gone unnoticed by Tesco.

And in a bid to take advantage of the situation, it is now introducing new 'flexible' contracts, in which you have to state the times of day and night you're prepared to work before you sign up.

New recruits signing the 'flexibility plan' will have to explicitly state how prepared they will be to cover shifts if someone is ill, or work antisocial hours.

Given that Tesco stores stay open for longer hours, it's not surprising that the supermarket chain is seeking to have a more flexible workforce. But this new requirement will certainly put the strain on people who want a job that fits around their social and life commitments. It could end up with people through desperation to have a job and fear of having the job offer withdrawn, signing a contract to work hours that disrupt their home lives.

Then again, for some it may work out well. If you've got no life, then a few extra shifts here and there and some more money in the pocket is no bad thing.

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