Want a mobile?

What a fantastic invention the mobile telephone is. And it keeps getting better and better as the years progress. The pick of the bunch was once considered to be the iPhone 4, but a recent study shows that its popularity is on the wane.

HTC handsets took the top three places in uSwitch.com's Mobile Tracker survey for February, with the HTC Desire top dog and the HTC Desire HD and HTC Wildfire are in second and third position.

Why the change of heart regarding Apple’s product? Well, the HTC handsets are based on the Google Android operating system, which is for the most part free and comes with cheap monthly-payment contracts.

There are a lot more free deals about now, and the iPhone 4 still demands an initial outlay. Typical prices for the mobile is £30.64 a month for an 18-month contract, plus a one-off charge of £233.87.

Samsung's Galaxy S pipped the iPhone to fifth place, while the Blackberry Curve is in fourth place, due in part to some attractive pre-pay deals.

Though with the iPhone nano on the horizon, Apple’s return to market dominance seems a dead cert.

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