Want to find out how to get cheap car insurance?

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Are you fed up of paying high prices for your car insurance every year? Insurance costs have been rising steadily for the last couple of years and there is no sign of this trend slowing down. Finding cheap car insurance these days is far from easy but if you follow our advice, you could save hundreds of pounds each year on your car insurance.

Using car insurance comparison websites is the best way for you to get cheaper car insurance. At the click of a button, you can get a quote from many of the UK's best known insurers. The different policy benefits are laid out in an easy to read manner. This helps you to understand exactly what every policy offers and compare them against each other. Some of the most popular include:

  • Gocompare.com
  • Moneysupermarket.com
  • Confused.com

Build up a strong no claims bonus with a reputable company. A no claims bonus is earned by not making any claims on your policy. Experienced drivers with more than 5 years no claims bonus will often save up to 75% on their car insurance. Be warned, if you make a claim on your policy, you will lose any bonus you have earned.

A Pass Plus test is a good way for less experienced drivers to become more confident on the road, making them less of a risk to insurance companies. This can save a young driver up to 30% on their car insurance. Check out direct.gov.uk for more information.

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