Want to save on your young driver insurance?

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Every year thousands of new drivers take to the roads in the UK. As they are inexperienced, insurance companies see them as a higher risk and this results in higher premiums, especially for the younger driver. If you are a young driver looking for insurance for your car at a reasonable price, we suggest you do the following:

Use comparison websites

Young drivers can save a fortune by simply using car insurance comparison websites rather than getting in touch with companies directly. They enable you to get quotes off many insurers at the one time. You can easily compare policies to find yourself the best deal. Some of the most popular include confused.com, moneysupermarket.com and comparethemarket.com.

Do a Pass Plus course

This is a scheme that aims to help new drivers become better and more confident on the road. You need to find an approved driving instructor to train you and they will then assist you through six training modules to pass the course. Young drivers can save up to 30% on their car insurance by passing the Pass Plus course.

Add a more experienced driver to your policy

Adding a family member to your policy with their permission can help to keep costs down. Obviously they should have a number of years driving experience and be able to prove this to your company. Make sure you are the policy holder as only the policy holder starts to build their own no claims bonus on most policies.

Follow these three simple steps and you start to save on your young driver insurance!

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