War on waste

Supermarkets may have to scrap two-for-one deals after it was claimed that they create wasted fresh produce worth £13.7bn-a-year.

This means households are throwing away an average of £520 a year, according to the Local Government Association (LGA).

The LGA wants retailers to start thinking about reducing the amount of food waste by changing the way they promote the sale of perishable goods. They want to see deals whereby you buy more than you need replaced by discounts on individual products.

Councillor Clyde Loakes, the LGA's Environment Board vice chairman, told The Mail: 'With more than five million tonnes of edible food thrown out each year, way too much food is being brought into homes in the first place.

'Retailers need to take a large slice of responsibility for that. Buy one, get one free deals which give consumers a few days to munch through 16 clementines are not about providing value for money. They are about transferring waste out of retail operations and into the family home.

'Retailers should scrap multi-buy deals which encourage people to take more than they need and replace them with discounts on individual products which will help reduce excess consumption and increase customer choice.'

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