Washing machine insurance is the smart way to go

You only realise how much you depend on the washing machine when you don't have it, and this is why it's vital to have washing machine insurance.

When you have washing machine insurance you can rest safe in the knowledge that if anything ever goes wrong with your washing machine, someone will call around and fix it for you, with the spare parts supplied, at no extra cost.

Most insurance providers will cover your washing machine and other electrical appliances for as little as £8.25 a month, which works out as less than £100 a year. If your washing machine breaks down just once during the year, the insurance premium will pay for itself.

There are many different insurance companies who will provide you with washing machine insurance. Domgen, British Gas, Warranty Ex and Argos are just a few of the different companies who will cover your machine for very little cost.

Argos have a very interesting offer on washing machine insurance. They will cover your machine for up to 5 years after the manufacturer's guarantee ends. If your washing machine breaks down in this period they will repair it for you, and if they can't, they'll replace it. This offer is open for all washing machines that are worth more than £150.

With the large number of insurance companies willing to insure your washing machine, it pays to shop around before you take out any policy. There are numerous insurance comparison websites, such as money supermarket, where you can easily compare quotes from the major insurance providers.

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