Watch out for soaring mobile charges

It is, as the old 90s ad went, good to talk. But not at the rates Vodafone and Orange seem set to charge. The mobile phone companies look set to raise their costs by as much as 66%.

Vodafone is raiding its minimum call charge on some contracts from 15p to 25p a minute. Prepay users will experience a jump too, as the cost of texting rises from 10p to 12p, while calls will increase from 21p to 25p.

Why would they do this to us? Well, it's all in response to new rules implemented by Ofgem to stop phone companies from ripping us off in other ways – such as call termination rates.

As these two networks run about half the mobile phones in the UK, most of us will be affected. The best thing we can do is to make sure we're on the best contract available. So, check what your deal is, and if you're going over your allocated amount of texts etc. on a regular basis, get on the blower and negotiate for a more cost effective option.

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