Watch the TV while you bank

In a bid to become more ‘relaxing’ places, a handful of UK banks are considering employing classical music, widescreen TVs and even installing scent pumps in their branches.

As customer numbers dwindle, banks are following the example of Dutch bank ING by using a number of scent, audio and visual services in their branches to give them a timely image boost.

And to do so they’ve enlisted the support of Mood Media, a company that has done similar services for Nike, Timberland and Hilton Hotels.

Vanessa Walmsley, Mood's senior vice president, believes banks can once again become an integral part of the community. She says: says: 'Silence can make customers uncomfortable and having music in a branch means customers can talk more confidently about personal financial matters without others hearing.

'Of course, it depends on the bank's main customer demographic, but we could either make it more lively to engage families with young children, more distinguished for the atmosphere in a high-net-worth private bank or more relaxed for an older demographic. The opportunities are endless.'

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