We can help you find cheap car insurance for young drivers

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In the UK, it is a legal requirement that every driver on the road has valid car insurance. Insurance rates can be very high at times and younger drivers can often pay thousands of pounds for their insurance. Finding cheap car insurance for young drivers can be difficult at times, but if you keep the following in mind, you could see a dramatic reduction in your premium.

  1. Do a Pass Plus course - Reductions of up to 30% are available to young drivers who complete this 6 module course. For more information about the Pass Plus course, log onto direct.gov.uk/en/motoring.
  2. Add a more experienced driver - Adding a family member such as a parent or a brother can greatly reduce your insurance premium. Preferably, you should pick someone over the age of 25 with at least 5 years' no claims discount.
  3. Use car insurance comparison websites - The joy of these types of insurance site is that you can easily compare the prices from different insurers. This lets you know what the best deals are. Not only can you compare the price but you can also compare the benefits of each policy so you can choose based on your preferences as well as the lowest price.

Some of the best car insurance comparison sites to use include:

  • Confused.com
  • Moneysupermarket.com
  • Gocompare.com

Don't forget that when you are choosing your car insurance to check your policy carefully. The cheapest price doesn't always mean that it is the best deal. So go ahead and log onto one of the above sites and start saving.

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