We check where you can find the best break down insurance policy

Are you thinking of getting the extra reassurance that a comprehensive break down insurance policy would bring? More and more UK motorists are taking out these policies thanks to the peace of mind and value they deliver. In this blog we'll be showing you how to squeeze out the absolute best value from your Breakdown Insurance policy.

Just like any other financial service, savvy consumers are voting with their feet and checking out Insurance comparison sites for their Breakdown Cover. Perhaps the best out there for finding a decently priced Breakdown Cover quote is Money Supermarket, and you can find their roadside assistance section online at moneysupermarket.com/roadsiderescue. So what's on offer?

Well, Money Supermarket offer to compare over 50 different Breakdown Insurance companies in the effort to get you a value quote. They allow you to search for a number of extras too like adding another vehicle, and person to your policy. They offer to compare three standardised levels of cover.The first of these is Bronze, in which you'll get Roadside Assistance and Recovery of your car to the nearest garage.

The next level of cover is Silver, and under this policy you get Roadside Assistance, Recovery to Garage, Recovery of up to seven passengers, and Recovery to any UK destination.

The final level of cover is Platinum, which we highly recommend. It comes with Roadside Assistance, Recovery to Garage, Recovery of up to seven passengers, Recovery to any UK destination, Option to fix at home, and even Onward Travel to your final destination.

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