We just love surfing

It's difficult to even remember how pre-internet life was like. Things certainly got done, life did go on, though how it did seems almost inexplicable. An research from website Uswitch.com has revealed exactly how loved up with are with the internet. Their figures show that the average Brit spends 50 hours online each week – nine hours a day.

In 2009, the figures were just five hours a day, so our dependence has increased. The study found that we spend four hours a day on the internet for professional purposes, and five hours for leisure. Add it all up and we are effectively spending two days of the week online, with the rise of social neworking and online shopping the main culprits.

Ernest Doku, technology boffin at uSwitch.com, comments: 'These figures show just what an impact the internet has had on our lives. It's become such a life essential that it's very hard to imagine how we would cope without it. It's likely that our reliance will only increase as the younger generations come to the fore and smartphones become more prolific.'

'But the regional differences show that we are still seeing signs of a digital divide and the risk of social exclusion for those unable or unwilling to go online. More work needs to be done to encourage greater take-up amongst vulnerable groups, who could be losing out if they are not logging on.'

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