We take a look at how best to secure a loan

With Christmas fading into the fog, nobody feels terribly excited about much; also many people haven’t been paid since before Christmas, so add 'skint' to the list of woes.

As a result many people may be looking for a helping hand in the shape of a loan to tide them over the January blues and through to the Spring. It may be for a new car, a holiday or some work on the house, or just to help ease things a little.

Some of the price comparison websites can be a useful place to start if you are looking for a loan, allowing you to compare interest rates, payment terms and length of the loan. You may also want to speak to your bank as you may get a preferential rate as an existing customer. It also may take some of the hassle out of applying for a loan as they will already have access to your financial information.

You could also consult with an independent financial advisor. If you speak to one who specialises in personal loans they should be able to find you the best deal, and the service is free as they take their commission from the loan company should you go ahead.

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