We take a look at the 3 best travel insurance comparison sites in the UK!

The internet is bombarded with loads of great travel insurance comparison sites these days. The best thing about purchasing your travel insurance by using a comparison website is that you know you are getting the best deal available to you.

They give you your quotations side by side so you can easily compare prices and benefits of each policy. Don't forget that the cheapest quote isn't necessarily the best policy!

Most travel insurance comparison sites offer a range of different policies including single trip, annual cover and backpackers insurance. You will often get some great deals on couples and family cover.

Travelsupermarket.com is one of the UK's biggest comparison sites when it comes to travel insurance. By getting a quote off of them, you are actually able to compare more than 450 policies from over 50 insurance providers. Single trip cover starts at just £2.97 per trip or avail of annual cover from just £14.14!

Comparethemarket.com is another well known comparison site that you will recognise from their catchy television advertisements. They offer peace of mind when travelling from as little as £5.40 per week. You will easily find the right policy for you from one of their 25 insurance providers.

Gocompare.com is our final website to recommend to you. Again, you will get a quote from more than 25 providers of top quality travel insurance. Prices start at only £2.87 per trip! Log onto their website now and find that perfect policy for you!

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