How to save on wedding costs

We all know that weddings are expensive. And while many couples are willing to shell out their life's savings on what will hopefully be the happiest day of their life, others are looking for ways to reduce wedding costs without compromising on the wedding itself. Here are some top tips to help...

Tips to save on wedding costs

Get married off peak: You will have a greater negotiating power with suppliers and reception venues if you avoid peak wedding season (May to September).

Avoid Saturdays: Again, you'll have more negotiating power if suppliers don't get to pick and choose between weddings to cater. The vast majority of wedding are on Saturdays.

Cut the guest list: Obviously a smaller wedding will cost less. You'll save on everything from invitations to evening meals. Plus smaller weddings are often more enjoyable for the couple, as they don't feel the need to make small talk with distant relatives!

Pool your resources: Do you have an artistic friend? A musical brother? A photographer uncle? As your wedding gift, perhaps they could provide entertainment, design your invites or take your wedding photos.

Consider renting your dress: The men rent their suits, so why don't the ladies rent their dresses? Search online for a great range of bridal and bridesmaids gowns - designer, vintage and boutique.

Host a daytime reception: A lunch will almost always be cheaper than a dinner - and if you have a large wedding, the price differences between the meals can be huge. Save further by offering a combination plate for entrees rather than a choice of options from a menu.

Cut the costly flowers: Flowers can be one of the most unexpected wedding costs because few people realise that the flower bills can easily run into thousands. A candle lit wedding can be more romantic (and much, much cheaper) than one that is decorated with flowers. Seasonal and local flowers will also be cheaper.

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