Just in case . . . take out wedding insurance!

Dream weddings can turn into a bit of a nightmare for all sorts of reasons, from accidents, illnesses, extreme weather or other unforeseen emergencies. With wedding insurance at least disappointment need not be too expensive.

There are numerous policies available to cover most eventualities. You can cover against cancellation, damage to your chosen venue, loss of rings, wedding supplier failure, problems with florists, caterers, wedding cars, pretty much anything you can think of.

Check comparison sites like compareweddinginsurance.org.uk or moneysupermarket.com to see the policies available and the costs. Read the details carefully to ensure that any likely eventualities are covered.

E & L Insurance (eandl.co.uk) will insure your wedding up to 2 years before the big day, with policies to suit small weddings or lavish events. Basic packages start at a one-off payment of under £20, but you can tailor an insurance package to cover all aspects of your wedding, from marquees to wedding presents.

Cover My Wedding (covermywedding.co.uk) offers 4 levels of comprehensive wedding insurance with cover available for up to £40,000. Cover includes cancellation, rearrangement, wedding supplier failure, rings, flowers, gifts and transport. Premiums for the lowest 2 star cover start at just £18.99.

Debenhams (debenhamsweddinginsurance.com) offer silver, gold or platinum policies, starting at £39 for the silver cover.  The platinum polcy will cover you for up to £70,000 of expenses. Debenhams will cover weddings abroad at no extra cost.

It's not quite as romantic as writing your vows, but picking a wedding insurance policy might turn out to be vital

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