Check out Wedding Insurance with Direct Line

What exactly does Wedding Insurance with Direct Line cover?

Well, the wedding insurance cover you get depends on the details of your individual plan. But most commonly, wedding insurance will cover such items and events as:

  • Damaged/Stolen wedding gifts
  • Rented wedding garments, suits etc.
  • Photography cover – if the photographer fails to appear or the negatives get damaged.
  • Loss of non-refundable deposits.
  • Personal Liability for bodily damage sustained during wedding or reception.

With so much to plan for with the big day approaching you may overlook certain arrangements or items. Wedding Insurance is probably not at the top of your list of priorities - dress, venue, ring and seating plan will be your main thought process. Who wants to think about the boring stuff like insurance?

But if you are an existing customer with Direct Line, wedding insurance can be added to your existing home contents policy and its well worth bearing in mind. Direct Line understands that you will have more possessions in your home before and after the wedding – such as the wedding dress, rings and gifts.

And with a quick phone call to Direct Line they can amend your policy, so that you will have peace of mind that you will be protected should anything happen to these possessions.

It’s also common that newly wedded couples will be moving house after the wedding, so Direct Line offers existing customers cover during the period of transfer from one property to the next (although they should be informed of the details for the cover to be active).

You might also want to think about adding travel insurance with direct line for the all important honeymoon. Give your local Direct Line branch a call to see what they do for you.

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