Who are Wentworth Direct Finance

Wentworth Direct Finance are one of the largest bad-credit loan specialists in the United Kingdom. They offer the chance of obtaining unsecured loans to people, whether they rent or own their home. All applicants are considered, even if they have a poor credit history, County Court judgements and past default notices. Their loans range between £1,000 and £15,000 depending on your circumstances. Their advertised general APR is 22%, although this is subject to status.

However, Wentworth Direct Finance are not a financial institution or bank and have no current affiliations with either. They are licensed credit brokers, who search for the best loan deals via various loan agents they have connections with and then pass on your details to these companies. They do charge a fee, which is around £48, and this covers the costs of being placed in touch with appropriate lenders who may furnish you with the loan you require.

Wentworth Direct Finance do require all potential applicants to be employed, either by an employer or self-employed. They ask you to fill out an application form, as you would if you were applying for a loan with a bank. They may ask for identification or copies of bank statements, if they have to verify your information. They will then confirm if they have any loan agents who are willing to consider offering you a loan based on the information given. Once you have paid the broker fee, the agents will contact you and progress your loan application to the next level.

As with any loan, some common sense and caution should be exercised before committing too or paying for a service. The fee Wentworth Direct Finance charges is not an indication you will be given a loan. In fact, you could pay the fee and still end up being refused by the loan companies who contact you.

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