What government grants are available for small business?

Starting your own business can be daunting, and all you need is that extra cash injection to set you along the right path to success.

Perhaps you already have an existing small business that is developing or established and a government grant is just the thing to help boost profits and recognition.

Financial investments and government grants for small business are an option that is definitely worth looking into.

UK Business Funding Centre

This website UK Business Funding Centre (ukbusinessgrants.org) has loads of information on how to go about obtaining government grants for small business'.

The UK government sets aside an allocated amount of money, which is estimated at around 2 Billion Pound, and this money is given out in the form of grants to help financially develop and establish small business'.

At the UK Business Funding Centre site you can see articles from a range of recipients of the grants and actual testimonials from the people behind the business'.

You can hear about how the government grants positively affected their small business' and allowed them to achieve what they had always dreamed off!

Small Business

Another great site to check in with in regards to government grants for small business' is Small Business (smallbusiness.co.uk)

They have a whole guides and tips section which is packed with useful information regarding government grants.

You can read articles on;

  • Avenues for start-up grants
  • How your business can get a grant in 2011
  • Grants: Your questions answered

Plus many many more!




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