Want to know what is the best insurance group for young drivers?

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When you're searching for low car insurance quotes, one of the most important factors to consider is the car you're trying to get insured in. Insurance groups use a classification system that places cars into groups depending on a few key factors including cost of repair, performance and security features. So what is the best insurance group for young drivers?

The best insurance group for young drivers is the lowest, which is group 1. There are 50 insurance groups that a car can be placed in. It was originally 20, but this was expanded because it was too narrow and there wasn't enough diversification of cars.

The cost of spare parts and repair is one of the biggest factors influencing what insurance group a car is placed in. Cars that require expensive spare parts and are expensive to restore to a pre-accident condition are placed in the higher insurance groups because of the greater risk to the insurance company.

The performance of the vehicle is another important factor. Both the 0 - 60 mph acceleration and top speed are considered by insurance companies. The more powerful cars are placed in higher insurance groups and should be avoided by young drivers if they want to find cheap car insurance.

The security features that a car is equipped with also make a big difference when it comes to insurance groups. There are a wide range of security devices you can avail of that will push a car into the lower insurance groups. These include alarms, immobilisers, trackers, visible VIN and glass etching.

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