We find out - what is the cheapest car insurance in the UK?

Are you trying to find the best deal possible on your Car Insurance? In these financially responsible times, it's absolutely vital to make your pound stretch as far as possible. If you're wondering what is the cheapest car insurance in the UK, then we'll be suggesting you check out one website that is helping all drivers strike a better deal on their Car Insurance, and that site is Confused.com.

Confused.com is one of a number of "Insurance Comparison" sites that have sprang up in the last few years with the express aim of letting drivers compare quotes across a host of different insurers in an effort to get a better deal. The reason we highly recommend Confused.com is that they believe they can get 97% of drivers a better deal on their insurance premium.

The reason they are sure of this is that they cover all the bases. They compare quotes from a whopping 103 different insurance providers including all the big names like the AA, Admiral, Axa, Churchill, Co-operative Insurance, More Than and Swift Cover. Such is the scope of their search that they believe that a quarter of drivers can save up to £400 on their insurance premiums.

Their advanced quote retrieval engine allows you to fine tune your search for the type of insurance you seek, the length of the cover, and a host of other extras, giving you an entire overview of the market. they even offer different types of cover like Holiday Insurance and Home Insurance. Check them out online for a no obligation quote today within minutes!

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