What is the cheapest supermarket in the UK?

Supermarket shopping is supposed to give us the widest choice, the most convenience and the best prices but no one supermarket chain provides customers with all three. For this reason we’ve just looked at the cheapest supermarket currently in the UK.

Price Match

With initiatives like Price Match it’s easy to believe that your local Sainsbury’s or Tesco offer just as good value as the other major supermarket chains. Those price matching initiatives are great but they’re limited (for example Sainsbury’s Price Match only offers money back when your total spent exceeds £20). If you have a Morrisons or an Asda in your area, they’re the best ones for value.


An average shopping basket in Asda is cheaper than any other shop, but only just. The latest surveys show that Morrisons and Asda’s average basket price is £163.20 and £162.26 respectively. As a comparison, the most expensive at the moment is Ocado, where the same basket costs £178.62 (that’s £16 more than you’ll pay at an Asda checkout). As you’d expect the likes of Sainsbury’s and Tesco are somewhere between the lowest and most expensive places to shop.

Tesco price promise

Up until recent months Tesco used to price compare both branded and own-brand products. That put lots of money into the pockets of the lowest paid earners in the country through a refund voucher scheme. Nowadays the firm’s new Brand Guarantee scheme only compares branded products. The upside with this new scheme is that the saving is given to you right there and then so in effect you don’t over pay for the product. That works for both online shoppers and those waiting at the checkout tills.

Overall price of a shopping basket

Research shows that in 2015 groceries actually costs less than they did in 2014. The average saving was 1.7% which gave the average shopper at £58 saving across the 12 months. This is the result of the amount of competition in the marketplace with each of the major supermarket chains undercutting the prices of their competitors. Add in pressure created by discount stores like Lidl and Aldi and you can understand where this price fall came from.

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