What Is The Current Mortgage Interest Rate In the UK?

Although the interest rate is set to one figure for everyone, banks can add on an additional amount for fees. This is why as you begin to shop for mortgages, you will notice that some banks have better rates than others. It is essential that you get the lowest mortgage interest rate as possible when buying or refinancing a home to keep your mortgage payments as low as possible. When you want to know what is the current mortgage interest rate in the UK, simply go to these websites.

Fair Investment Company

Click immediately on the Mortgage tab and you will see the current mortgage interest rates for several different banks and several different terms. If you see a mortgage interest rate that appeals to you, simply click on the button that says “more information” and you’ll be redirected to that bank’s website. You can also signup for their free mortgage service that provides no obligation mortgage interest rate quotes and advice.

For more information on Fair Investment Company:

  • Website: www.fairinvestment.co.uk
  • Email: helpdesk@fairinvestment.co.uk

Current Mortgage interest rates being reported at Fair Investment Company:

  • 2.70% mortgage interest rate for the life of the mortgage with HSBC.
  • 3.90% mortgage interest rate for 2 years with The Royal Bank of Scotland.
  • 4.30% mortgage interest rate for 5 years with HSBC.

Mortgages UK

This is another mortgage interest rate comparison site that gives you a list of the lowest mortgages available, with their duration and additional information listed clearly so you can find the cheapest mortgage for the duration you need.

For more information on Mortgage UK:

  • Website: www.mortgages.co.uk
  • Telephone: 0844 811 3574
  • Email: info@financialservices.co.uk

Current Mortgage interest rates being reported at Mortgage UK:

  • 3.5% mortgage interest rate through October 2013 with Woolwich.
  • 3.8% mortgage interest rate for 3 years with Nationwide.
  • 4.0% mortgage interest rate through November 2013 with NatWest.

Since interest rates, fees, and durations can vary between banks, it’s a good idea to research all your options before applying for a mortgage or refinancing your current mortgage. Think about all your options to make sure you get the best mortgage for your specific situation. And when you are wondering 'what is the current mortgage interest rate in the UK?', you’ll know which websites to go to.

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