What is Valentino Rossi net worth?

The published Valentine Rossi net worth figure is now something like $120million. That’s a fair old chunk of change for someone who rides a motorbike, but the Italian MotoGP ace is a bit more than that nowadays. He’s an icon whose endorsements contribute as much to his millions than his MotoGP wages.
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As an example of the sort of money the man commands from racing, he earned $15million in 2013. That year his wages were double that of his teammate Jorge Lorenzo and the most any rider received even though he reportedly took a pay cut to re-join Yamaha. The Italian ace didn’t even have one of his best seasons that year because he only took one win (Dutch TT at Assen), but his return to the Yamaha factory team meant big bucks to the man who’s won 6 MotoGP titles and 1 other world title in the 500cc class. This salary made him the 51st highest paid sportsman in the world, not bad considering that MotoGP doesn’t attract the sort of international attention that its four-wheeled cousin Formula 1 does.


Rossi is said to make around $10million per year from endorsements. The iconic Italian rider is attached to big name brands like Monster Energy drinks, Arnette sunglasses and Dainese who do their upmost to be attached to the Italian superstar in all forms of media.


Rossi’s been wise and invested his money in property. He bought property in London and also Ibiza which he’s made profit on, and he also has a collection of classic and exotic cars that are appreciating in value. These include a Ferrari Italia 458 and a BMW M3, which was a gift from the German car maker when Rossi won the world title in 2009.

Tax avoidance charges

Having all that money hasn’t kept him out of trouble as he’s been investigated by his home country for avoiding income tax. A €35million settlement sorted the matter but lowered his net worth considerably.

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