What kind of Amex credit card do you need?

There are basically four Amex credit card types that you can choose from, with each one designed to provide the best benefits for a person with a particular lifestyle. Check them out at americanexpress.com/uk/.

British Airways American Express Credit Card

You will be charged approximately 19.9% APR and you will earn 1 BA mile per 1 GBP that you spend using your credit card. One extra bonus is that you get to enjoy 1,000 BA miles if you do spend 500 GBP in your first 3 months of credit card usage.

British Airways AMEX Premium Plus

This operates similarly like how the earlier type of credit card works, but with more points added. Rather than earning 1 BA mile for every 1 GBP spent, you get to earn 1.5 miles instead. Reward miles are also doubled when you use your card to purchase flights or holiday packages from British Airways.

Platinum Cashback Credit Card

This charges the lowest APR among all other AMEX cards at 18.5%. For your first 3 months of credit card usage, you get to enjoy 2.5% cash back for your first 100 GBP of spending.

Nectar Credit Card

If you spend at least 500 GBP for the first 3 months of credit card usage, you immediately earn 5,000 reward points.

Reward Cards

If you feel that an Amex credit card is not for you, how about a charge card instead? There are also four types to choose from at americanexpress.com/uk/charge-cards. These are the Harrods AMEX card, the Platinum Card for VIP users, the Preferred Rewards Gold card and the ‘Basic’ card.

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