What rewards do you get with Sainsbury's Credit Cards?

Picking a credit card because of the rewards it offers rather than the interest amount is a dangerous game that a lot of us don’t realise we’re playing thanks to advertisers promising cashback on purchases or frequent flyer air miles. Those with a Nectar card will be tempted by the offers for Sainsbury's Credit Cards that offer double points on purchases, but don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re getting something for nothing.

Shopping rewards

When you buy products you want and get Nectar points, you’re getting something for nothing because the points eventually make money you can spend in stores like Sainsbury’s, Argos, BHS, Clarks, Curry’s or Selfridge’s. Every 2 points collected gives you 1p to spend in-store which are normally redeemed in block of 500 (£2.50). The current offer from Sainsbury’s Bankgives double Nectar points when shopping with Sainsbury's Credit Cards and if you take on more than one financial product from the retailer’s banking arm, there are more rewards.

Multiple points

Taking out two financial products, for example a credit card with car insurance, pet insurance or home insurance, offers additional Nectar points per spend. Two products gives you 3 x points, 3 products offers 4 x points and the trend continues up to 6 products which gives you 7 x Nectar points.

Points calculator

You can work out the points at sainsburysbank.co.uk where you’ll find a points calculator. Be aware though that the additional reward is not for the life of your credit card but only for the first two years, so unless you spend a lot in the stores where Nectar points can be collected you may not be getting a worthwhile deal.

Better deals

The obvious problem with going Nectar point crazy to forgetting exactly how much money you’re getting when you earn points. Each is worth just 0.5p, so other card providers may be offering more tempting deals. You should use a comparison site to really understand what’s on offer.

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