What you need to know about home buyer grants

Certain people living in housing provided by a council or local authority may qualify for various home buyer grants. These grants are to help people with low-incomes afford a deposit to buy their own property. If you want to apply for these home buyer grants, you will need to get in touch with your local council offices or housing association office.

People on means-tested benefits such as income support and jobseekers allowance can apply as can people who are in full-time employment.The criteria for these grants depends on whether you are applying through a housing association or council. You have to have lived in council housing or with your specific association for at least five years. This is not consecutive years but rather an accumulative amount of time.

People who are buying a council home can also enjoy reductions in price, with the council offering as much as £15,000 off the property’s market value. This reduction and the amount you receive will affect how much your home buyer grant is if you qualify.

A related grant is offered by the government and is available to both council and private home owners. This particular grant is given to help people who have recently bought their own home but who cannot afford to make essential repairs to the property. This grant also covers the potential costs of making adaptations to a new home to make the life of a disabled person more comfortable. These particular home buyer grants are linked to income and a person must fill out an application form  at their local council offices, over the phone or on the government’s official website.

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