When to sell a house in the UK

Some things are sold when we no longer need them, others like cars are sold when they become a problem but neither reason is applicable for houses. The market rather than the owner’s desire to sell should be used as a guide. Find out when to sell a house so that you maximise your return.
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Major works

You need to see things from the buyer’s point of view. That means that if there are major disturbances like road works on your street, you won’t find very many receptive buyers. For this reason, check with the local council to see if there’s any major works in the pipeline before committing to sell your property.


Some of the features of your property can’t be experienced properly during the cold winter months. The garden and the conservatory won’t be shown in their right light if you show people around your home during the colder months of the year. Having said that, Summer is not the right time to show your house off either because lots of prospective buyers are away. That’s especially true for homes that are great for families as the parents will be fully occupied with their children during the summer holidays.


This is seasonally the opposite to summer but it’s also a bad time to advertise your property for sale. The worst time to put your property on the market is time just before and just after Christmas. You’re better off leaving things be for a while and trying to sell the property in the spring.

Spring and Autumn

Both spring and autumn are the best times to sell a property. The mild weather in these seasons means that people are happy to venture out to see properties. You’ll also be able to showcase the whole property including the garden, the garage and a conservatory if you have one.

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