Where are the cheapest homes in the UK?

It's a rum do when public sector key workers can't afford a decent roof over their heads. But things are looking up. Since 2007, nurses, teachers, police officers, fire fighters and paramedics have seen jump the amount of towns they are able to live in due to the economic slump.

The fire services have the most to shout about - only 1% of towns were affordable for them back in 2007. That figure's now 28%. The towns nurses can live in have also increased - from 7% of towns being affordable for them in 2007 to 22% this year.

Which is still rather shoddy, considering that all towns depend on these people. Nitesh Patel, a housing economist at Halifax, said: 'Housing has become more affordable for key public sector workers across the country since house prices peaked in 2007. This is due to lower house prices combined with increased earnings.

Over a longer period, the number of affordable towns in 2011 remains significantly lower than a decade ago. Government schemes to assist low-cost home ownership are welcome, although it remains to be seen how big the impact on key workers will be.'

Fingers crossed it will help.

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